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So you want to see the world in your campervan. But who has the time? Who has the money? Where do you even begin?

Ok, you have a weekend free, and you’re pumped to begin exploring! Finally you can go! But where should you go? What to see in this tiny slice of spare time? Should you go to the coast, a mountain, a forest, a lake, explore a new town or city perhaps, or all of the above? Where should you stay, how much is it going to cost? What should you pack? How much should you pack? Can you take the dog? What about Jenny who has suddenly announced that she wants to go for last minute drinks with everyone on Saturday?

Early morning campervan

Don’t worry it’s not just you.

These are thoughts that used to race through our heads on
a Friday evening as we desperately scrambled to pack everything including the kitchen sink into the van before rushing off into the night clueless about where we were going to end up. I’m sure you, and us, are not the first, and certainly won’t be the last to set off in this manner. But there is a better way – and hopefully this blog will help the new, the experienced and everyone in between to discover it.

Like you (probably), we have a mortgage and bills to pay, which means two full time jobs, Monday to Friday, we have friends and family we like to spend time with, the house needs to be maintained and cleaned, the dog walked, the garden kept in shape (sort of), we need to cook and eat and then try and get some relaxation time in before the inevitable call of a comfortable pillow. Then there’s this campervan on the drive, this also needs to be cleaned and maintained. When on earth are we going to have the time and money to actually enjoy it?!

There’s so many campervan & motorhome vloggers and bloggers out there, who show you brilliant places, great experiences and a different way of life. They all do this fulltime; most of you, and certainly we, don’t have the time to spend 3 weeks on the North Coast 500 of Scotland, or meander down to Spain or Italy for 2 months.

Chesil Beach

We’re attempting to come at this from a different angle, we’re weekend warriors just like you. We feel your plight, what if the weekend is a disaster, and you have to go back to work on Monday feeling rubbish and like you haven’t had a break at all. The stress of forcing a good time often gets in the way of actually having a good time – but there is a better way! You can do it, and we’re going to do our very best to help you!

Very quickly about us. We’re a Bristol based couple, originally from Mid Wales, in our mid (read late) 20s and when we upgraded our tent to a campervan we immediately fell in love with exploring in Kamper Kath. We both work full time 40 something hour a week jobs from Monday to Friday and find the escape of vanlife, no matter how brief, a true antidote to working the daily grind. We’ve found a ton of resources for inspiration but none seem to exactly match up to the possibilities provided when working a normal work week lifestyle. So, hopefully lots of you will find that our experiences match your lifestyles and aspirations and that you find the future of this blog to be entertaining and useful.

Hopefully our blog will inspire you, clear your mind of all the clutter that gets in the way of using this fantastic vehicle and let you reclaim your spare time and experience some amazing things.

We’re going to give you tips on making the most of your precious weekends and annual leave, plan where to go, what to do when you’re there, advice on what to do if (and inevitably when) things go wrong, help you organise and pack ready for your weekend and de-stress unpacking when you return home. What’s the best kit that won’t blow your budget, we’ll help you use and enjoy your van all year round – whatever the weather, we’ll share what we eat for all budgets and on any trip length, what resources we use and how best to use them.

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