About us

Hello and welcome

We’re Simon, Lydia, and we tour the UK & Europe in our Weinsberg Campervan with our quickly growing baby Norah Mae and our springer spaniel Una and we are The Weekend Warriors

We originally come from rural mid Wales and very much consider ourselves to be Welsh. However we currently hail from Bristol, and have done since finishing university in 2015 and moving here for work.

Work currently sees Simon working as a software engineer and Lydia working in Probate. Una adds nothing to the employment bank except muddy pawprints and consistent demands for attention and walks.

We love Bristol as a city, and as it turns out, it’s a great jumping off point for exploring the rest of the UK. We have easy access west to Wales or Devon and Cornwall, south to Dorset, the New Forest or the South Downs, alternatively we can head east to the central belt of England or as far as Norfolk or we can head north to the Peaks, the Lakes, Yorkshire or keep going all the way up to Scotland!

Kamper Kath was our first ever campervan, she was a 2005 Fiat Adria Twin which we bought in January 2020. Over the next 3 years, together with Una we toured England, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in her, loving every second. However when Norah arrived on the scene we quickly realised we were outgrowing our lovely van and fast, so she has gone on to a new family to enjoy. 

We replaced Kath with an as yet un-named Weinsberg Carabus 600 DQ in Novemeber 2022. So far (Feb 2023) we have explored England, Wales and Scotland in her, and are intending on touring the Netherlands, France, Czechia, Slovakia and Spain in her this year. 

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So Go Far, Go Close, Go Often, Go Explore!

- the Weekend Warriors

Camper Kath
weinsberg carabus 600 dq
Our new Weinsberg