Equafleece Dog Suit Review: A Dog Jumper For All Occasions

equafleece dog suit

The Equafleece Dog Suit Review

Let me paint you a picture and let’s see if it resonates with you.

You and your dog go for a lovely walk.

She spends the entire time seeking out the wettest and muddiest puddles to splash and frolic in. You then spy a welcoming looking café or pub in the distance and decide to stop for a drink.

After a pathetic attempt to de-mud your dog you venture inside, and just as you pass the threshold she decides to do the largest shake of her life.

Mud splatters all up the walls, travelling through the air in a mighty arc in slow motion over horrified customers and staff.

Mumbling apologies and red faced you make a hasty retreat to a nearby table, where during the course of your beverage all the water and mud stuck in her coat slowly drips onto the floor, creating a seemingly impossibly sized puddle of gross muddy water which, of course, runs out into the middle of the aisle, meaning everyone can see it and has to try and evade it as they pass. 

After paying up you make a swift exit – but not before there is time for one last farewell shake to ensure that everyone and everything got a good covering – fairs only fair… Right?

Making a mental note that you can never return to this establishment you finish your walk and arrive back at the car.

The whole process is repeated all over the inside of your car and over your family…

And just as it seems this nightmare can’t get any worse the same exact thing happens for a third time as you walk in the front door.

Now, you might have resigned yourself to a lifetime of avoiding cafes and pubs on your walks, you might have a Mud Daddy (our full review of that is here) in the boot of your car to rinse the damn dog down before loading up, and you might even have decided that you will brave taking your pooch into cafes and pubs mud caked and ready for Armageddon.

But, what if we were to tell you that there is a better way?

A simple solution!

An elegant solution!

Perhaps, dare I say, even a stylish solution!

Enter, the Equafleece!

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    What is the Equafleece Dog Suit?

    Equafleece make a variety of dog suits for a wide range of needs for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

    These dog suits are great for drying your dog, prevent muddy shakes, keeping warm in the winter, cool in the summer and much more. 

    Tough, durable and fit for purpose each type of dog suit produced by equafleece oozes quality.

    We can personally attest to the customer service being bang on point. We weren’t sure on what size to buy for a our dog as she was very skinny as a young dog. But a quick chat with a member of staff and we were duly advised the best option and re-assured that should it not fit that replacing it would be a quick and easy process.

    We can also verify that the durability of the Equafleece dog suits is superb. We bought our first dog suit several years ago and it endured many, many hours of abuse being dragged through thorny hedgerows across the country, multiple washes and when Una finally bulked up and it became a little small we passed it onto a family member who has since used it in anger for many years. And it still holds up as good as the day we bought it.

    And to prove it wasn’t a once off, our second, larger dog suit seems to be holding up in the same way.

    So, Why Do I Need an Equafleece?

    Equafleece Features

    Water Resistant : 4/5

    Holds up in all but the heaviest of downpours. 

    A Dog Suit For All Shapes and Sizes : 5/5

    Tall and skinny, short and fat, long legged or short legged. These guys have a dog suit to fit all. 

    Seriously, they even have Daschund shaped dog suit!

    Quick Drying : 5/5

    Both dog and jumper dry off in lightning speed – we’re not quite sure what sort of witchcraft goes into these materials but it really, really works. 

    Warm : 5/5

    Tailor the suits length to suit your dogs needs. 

    Durable : 5/5

    We’ve had two, and both are still going strong despite years of abuse. 

    Easy To Use : 3.5/5

    Now our score here might seem a little harsh as we actually have no problems with it. But many dogs won’t like having things pulled over their heads and if that’s you your dog might struggle when you put the Equafleece on or off them. 

    How To Use An Equafleece

    On a Walk

    Simply dress your dog in its Equafleece prior to heading out on your walk and the majority of mud, puddle splashes and light to medium rain will be absorbed by the coat and not your dogs coat.

    Then just chuck the Equafleece in the washing machine and have a coffee! No more muddy dog shakes all over the walls and floors. 

    After a Walk

    We typically allow the dog to get super muddy, wet and wild when out and about and wash her off with our Mud Daddy afterwards. 

    Then, half an hour in the Equafleece and she’s toasty and dry.

    Alternatively, if we’re out and about and want to pop into a pub, the Equafleece goes on to prevent mudpocalypse from entering the establishment. 

    Summer or Winter

    Very wet – Equafleece; very cold – Equafleece; Tick season – Equafleece; Very Hot – Equafleece. 

    You get the point, these aren’t limited to wet winter walks only. They have thought of everything. 

    On Holiday

    Now obviously, this is a campervan and motorhome travel site with a splash of doggy goodness thrown in here and there. So we couldn’t write this review and not mention how the Equafleece performs on the road. 

    And genuinely combining a Mud Daddy and an Equafleece means that our van can survive the wettest and muddiest conditions the dog can throw at us without the inside of the van becoming an absolute bombsite. 

    In fact, it’s seriously not all that difficult to use these two tools to keep the van clean, dry and pleasant. 

    As a House Guest

    Visiting friends and family? Have a high shedding dog? 

    The Equafleece will contain most of the shed hair for a short stay and help you stay in the good books. Who knows, you might even get a second invite!

    Ok Great - So Which Equafleece Should I Buy?

    Equafleece Dog Suits

    Long sleeved, great for containing a wet dog, keeping a dog dry in light rain or on wet, muddy ground, keeping a dog warm on freezing, long days out, and warming up a very cold dog

    Dog Tankie

    A great body warmer for dogs sensitive to colder weather where a full dog suit is not required. 

    Dog T Shirts

    Lighter weight for the summer, soak to keep a hot dog cool

    Dog Summer Suits

    Lighter weight for the summer, soak to keep a hot dog cool or great for fairer dogs who are prone to sunburn

    Equafleece for People

    Equafleece also make super cosy socks and neckwarmers for us humans!

    Equafleece for other Animals

    We’re not owners of other types of animals but they have options for livestock ranging from calves to horses – check it out here.

    Where Can I Buy an Equafleece?

    Your best option is to head direct to the Equafleece website. You can chat with an expert if you need to and this will probably get you the best shopping experience. 

    Are there any competitors or alternatives to Equafleece?

    Sure, the biggest name that we could find was Hotterdog.

    We’ve never actually used a Hotterdog product so can’t speak as to the quality but they seem to have a good number of very positive reviews on Amazon so we’re sure they make a decent competitor to Equafleece.

    I guess the main reason we might buy from them instead would be the convenience of next day shipping from Amazon as we have been unable to find Equafleece products on the platform.

    So if push came to shove and we needed a jumper quickly that’s what we’d probably get. 

    Equafleece Summary

    dog in an equafleece suit

    Did you notice that we’re fans?!

    Seriously though these are dog suits for any occasion and we heartily recommend getting atleast one. 

    They’re also stylish – we’re often stopped by people out on walks and asked what dog coat Una is wearing!

    Go Explore! with your Dog!

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