The Best Motorhome Websites

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In addition to the best apps available to help you plan and execute motorhome road trips there is also plenty of standalone websites. 

In this article we round up the very best motorhome websites so that you know exactly where to turn to for advice and destination inspiration.

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The Best Motorhome Websites

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cool camping

Not a massive directory of sites but they do tend to only list really good ones, usually with some fun quirks or standout feature – definitely worth keeping this website on your radar for when your doing research about where to stay. 

Our first go to when looking for a campsite. A huge directory of sites across the UK and Europe. 

A strong feature set of filters (adults only, dogs allowed, campfires allowed, swimming pool, etc,) you’d be hard pressed not to find a campsite to your liking on this site. 

You can also save sites that you’ve loved so that you can find them easily in the future. 

Not the prettiest website in the world and it feels pretty dated about now. 

However, over the years we have found the odd gem on here that wasn’t listed on other sites, and so, particularly in high season when sites tend to fill up fast in advance it’s a great option for finding lesser known sites that may have availabilitliy. 

Well worth keeping this site in mind for when you’re struggling to find somewhere with availability or to your requirements. 

Google Maps

Again, lots of people overlook google maps when searching for a type of destination as opposed to somewhere specific. But if you type ‘campsite’ in while hovering over your intended destination you should get plenty of results, once again we often get a few sites that aren’t listed on the main camping websites. 

Save places you’ve loved into a list for future reference or recommendations to a friend. Google maps is definitely worth remembering about and not overlooking when searching for sites. 

We normally use the Michelin website when planning continental routes. It’s very powerful and far exceeds google for route planning in advance. 

You can work out estimated (normally fairly accurate) fuel and toll costs to maximise the use of your time – mileage, vs time, vs toll cost vs fuel cost.

That way you can figure out the best route based on what is important to you. 

This may well changer from trip to trip as well. Perhaps for trip one you aren’t bothered about the cost but want to reach northern Spain as fast as possible. But perhaps on trip two you have oodles of time but want to meander slowly and cheaply across to Poland. 

Michelin is well equipped to help you find the ultimate route based on your criteria. 

Same as the app really but obviously its easier to use a website like this on a desktop where you have more screen real estate to peruse to your hearts content. 

A really great website for finding destination inspiration and to get the lowdown on an area of interest or perhaps if you’re not sure where you want to go it’ll help you find mountains of places to add to your trip list. 

Motorhome Stopover is an online version of BritStops basically. Free stopovers, usually pub car parks where you are encouraged to spend a little on the premises.

So if a print based catalog is too old fashioned for you then check this site out for a whole host of pub stopovers listed online for only £15 per year.

This is a listing of free or cheap stopovers across the UK. It’s a little dated now and hard to navigate but still well worth knowing about for when you’re in a pinch.

Plus there are some really great stopovers listed that perhaps aren’t listed elsewhere.


These are the websites we return to time and time again to plan our road trips.

Hopefully you found something useful in there that you’d not heard of before. Let us know in the comments below about the very best websites you use.

If this article was useful then please feel free to check out our posts about the best apps for motorhome road trip planning as well as the very best offline, old school resources

Then get after it and Go Explore!

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