Top Portable Fire Pit for Camping

A Portable Fire Pit adds a sense of occasion, warmth and even cooking possibilities to camping, garden parties or even a trip to the beach (Check the rules for your local beach as to permits for camp fires prior to lighting you portable fire pit).

So if you’re looking for your ideal fire pit for camping then you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up the best camping fire pits available and reviewed them right here.

Now you just need to know where to find the best campsites that allow campfires… Well don’t worry as we’ve got an extensive list for you right here

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    Best Overall Performer & Our Portable Fire Pit Recommendation

    smores on biolite firepit+

    The BioLite Fire Pit+ is what we now exclusively use. A compact and sophisticated portable fire pit that is sure to last many years. 

    I think we’ve had ours for about 2 years now, it’s had countless uses and been transported up and down the UK and across continental Europe countless times and shows very little signs of wear and tear. 

    The fire pit itself is constructed of 4 legs that fold into the body for transportation and storage. It comes with a unique air injector system to get your fire red hot and smoke free in no time (and it really, genuinely does work – we were skeptics to begin with as well).

    The power unit used for the air injectors doubles up as a handy phone charger when not in use. 

    Complete with a cooking grill for authentic campfire cooking, the newest version even has a lid option to intensify your bbqing heat. 

    You can store logs inside the fire basket itself to save on storage space if you’re carrying coal or logs with you.

    biolite+ firepit as a grill
    Sticky bbq chicken wings & pitta cooked on the biolite firepit+
    biolite firepit+ folded up
    biolite pirepit+ folded up ready for transportation

    Most Portable Fire Pit

    We have two fire pit options here they’re both worthy in their own right for totally different reasons.

    The BioLite Campstove is indeed very small and portable, but yes, it is expensive. But for good reason.

    The Biolite campsite can be used a grill, a kettle, a coffee press. And oh yeah, a great little campfire and heat source.

    Similarly to BioLite Firepit+ this model also uses air injectors to ramp up the heat intensity of your fire and produce a smokeless fire – no more avoiding the smoke and stinging eyes!

    The heat from the fire can also be harnessed to create electricity to charge your gadgets – how ridiculously cool is that!

    Yes you read that right – a folding fire pit and also extremely cheap.

    The Zhuolang Portable Fire Pit has garnered rave reviews from the masses and that cements this fire pits place in this list as it folds down to almost nothing for storage – the cheapest and most portable fire pit on our list. 

    You could almost stick this fire pit in your back pocket to carry it down to the beach for that evening gathering in front of the waves. 

    The downsides to this fire pit is the lack of any grilling opportunity and the limit to the fire size. But, that said, it packs a mean punch for the price. 

    Cheapest Portable Fire Pit

    If you’re on a budget and after a portable fire pit then you can’t go wrong with the folding fire pit discussed above. 

    A great little performer, weighs in at less than 1KG and can be slotted into almost any tiny space for travelling, even backpacking or bike packing.  

    Best Value Portable Fire Pit

    None of the bells and whistles of the offerings from BioLite but coming in way under the price range of those the OUTHIKER  Collapsible Campfire is truly the best value portable fire pit on our list.

    Campfire – check, grill – check, foldable and transportable – check, coal or wood – check.

    Seriously, if you’re on a budget in terms of both cost and space but want cooking capability, this is the fire pit for you. 

    Portable Fire Pit Summary

    biolite firepit+

    And there you have it, our round up of the top camping fire pits to suit any budget or requirements. 

    Check out our Top Campsites for Campfires or one of these 10 Idyllic Nearly Wild Campsites and take a road trip on one of these 5 Epic Road Trips to make the most of your new pit!

    Let us know your favourite in the comments below and as always…

    Go Explore! With Fire!

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