32 Camper Games for Families, Groups and Couples

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Our Recommendations for Games to play in your Campervan

There’s something special about being able to unplug the screens, hit the road and settle down by the campfire or wrap up cozy in your campervan and play a game. 

Whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends there are a ton of great games to play on your next road trip and we’ve rounded up the best camper games for you right here. 

Forget about the stresses of modern life for a while with these simple and fun campervan games. 

We’ve made sure that all of these camper games are suitable for camping, whether you are in a tent, a small campervan or a giant motorhome. You won’t need much kit aside from the games itself, and a pen and paper unless specified. 

None will take more than an evening at most to play because driving while keeping game pieces in order sounds like a recipe for disaster (and cheating!).

So whether you are interested  in:

  • Spending a winters evening with your partner huddled inside your campervan playing a board game
  • Spending some quality time with your family round the camp table, or getting more active on a large campsite or at the beach
  • Catching up with friends by the fire 
  • Keeping a little one entertained for the journey 

We’ve got you covered with 32 camper games below!

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    Camper Games for Couples

    These games are designed especially for two people, because lets face it. Go Fish is hardly thrilling if there is just two of you!

    Small in size but packing a big punch these games are perfect for camping as a couple. 


    Simple, infuriating and brilliant all at the same time. The goal here is to simply end the game with more pieces of your colour than your partners. 

    This is one of our regular go to games for sure. 

    Travel Chess

    The absolute classic strategy board game packed into a handy travel sized package


    Full name Sh*thead this is a fun card game for two or more players. Outfox your opponent to get rid of all your cards first, rendering them a, shi- well, I’m sure you can guess. 


    Could this be any more suited to playing on the road? Improve your geography knowledge whilst enjoying a spirited game (fair warning this one is addictive!). 


    Take a pen and paper, and write down words, phrases and jokes that you think your partner will giggle at. 

    Take it in turns to either pass  the paper across, or read it to them. First one to crack a smile or giggle loses a point. 

    I for one, cannot keep a straight face, if someone very seriously exclaims ‘poopy’ – make this game as silly as you can. 

    Can easily be played by two, a family or a group of adults who can even turn it into a drinking game. 

    Travel Dominoes

    I don’t know the rules but it’s a beloved board game so here is a neat travel version for you. 

    Hive Pocket

    Hive is next up on our list of games to buy for the camper as it has rave reviews – we’ll report back once we’ve dived in.

    Here is a compact, no board, travel version of Hive. 


    Another classic game that takes up hardly any space and is perfect for hitting the road with.

    Best Camper Games for Families

    Many of the couples games above will also be suitable for families or larger groups but here’s plenty more to keep you and the family entertained for hours.

    Some of these are great for evenings under canvas or huddled up in your van if the weather is a little inclement, some are great for fireside on a summers evening and some will require a little more physical exertion and space afforded from a large campsite. 


    Heaps of fun, guaranteed laughs and suitable for everyone. 

    Describe as many words to your teammate as you can in 30 seconds to progress round the board. It sounds easy right! But it really isn’t.

    Articulate Phrases

    As above but a fun variation moving on to describing phrases instead of words – added difficulty for sure!


    I have fond memories playing Uno as a child and it is just as much fun today as it was then.

    Simple enough for younger members of the family to enjoy and truly compete in this is sure to be a real winner. 

    Travel Rummikub

    This is probably our go to family board game.

    And coming from a German Rummy playing only family this is quite a feat. 

    A numbers strategy game this is a great way to spend an evening catching up and enjoying each others company. 


    I simply couldn’t write a list of camper games and not include Romme. Lyd and I once had a 7 week game of Romme when we spent time road tripping in Europe as teenagers and I love it as much now as I did helping my Dad as a youngster. 

    Full rules can be found here. 

    Note: The linked cards are in German as that’s what we play with – you can swap out for English cards but I like to use the version linked. 

    Travel Scrabble

    An undeniable classic shrunk down into a travel friendly package. 

    Heads Up

    This one requires a smart phone but no one need be staring at their own individual screen – get everyone involved and hilarity is sure to ensure. 

    Guess the most characters/actors/sporting icons/actions etc. that you can as described or acted out by your family. 

    Don’t have a phone or running low on charge? Receipts or cigarette rizlas stuck to foreheads is the original, albeit slower, version of heads up.

    Find Heads Up by searching the App Store or the PlayStore. 


    Enjoy on a sunny afternoon on the campsite or at the beach. 

    A great game where adults can enjoy a few beers as well.

    Pack of Cards

    Cards are so small and easy to pack into any size campervan a couple of packs is a must. 

    From making towers on your own to raucous games of Cheat the possibilities are endless.

    Here’s a great selection of card games to play. 


    Chance your hand in this addictive game of Yahtzee. 

    ‘Travel Yahtzee’ Packs do exist but they are just dice in a cheap plastic pot that makes a lot of noise when you shake. 

    We’d recommend the linked velvet padded cup and a score card pad instead. 

    Travel Boggle

    Boggle is the premise behind hundreds of mobile phone games.

    In this version you have to put together more words than your opponents based on the letters given. Very simple but can become very competitive!

    Here’s a neat travel pack of Boggle. 

    Kids Against Maturity

    The family friendly version of Cards Against Humanity. Replacing the offensiveness with silliness makes this a fun game for all ages to be fair. 

    More or Less

    Very simple, you’ll have to guess on each turn whether there is more or less of something correctly. 

    Is there more or less bees in the Artic or the Antarctic? 


    Get it in original, or there is now history packs, nature packs etc. 

    Throw Throw Burrito

    Created by the same people who brought Exploding Kittens to the world Throw Throw Burrito is a great way to get kids to burn off their energy and is fun for us grown ups to join in too!

    Collect cards against the clock while throwing (and dodging) flying Burritos!!

    50 Cool Things To Do In A Car

    A boxset filled with 50 games, puzzles and knick knacks for kids to fill those long days on the road in your camper. 


    I mean, it’s fun, cheap, small and easy to pack, active and has endless possibilities.

    What better way to tire out the family. 

    Here’s a bunch of games you play with a frisbee


    Who has the best aim?

    Whose the most competitive?

    This easy to pack camper game will surely bring out the competitive spirit of the whole family!

    paddle and Ball set

    Small, cheap and healthy fun.

    Play keepy ups on your own, try to out play a family member of challenge yourselves to keep the ball in the air as long as possible.

    Or, invent your own game! 

    Sports Day Kit

    Get everyone outside in the fresh air with this sports day kit. 


    Camper Games for Groups (Adults only)

    Most of the family games are equally suited to adult groups (perhaps with the exception of the sports day kit!) but here is some great ideas for group games when your on the road in your camper. 

    Make anything a drinking a game

    For example, take the giggler from above, but if you wobble and giggle then take a shot (or drink or your choice). As the evening progresses, and the drinks flow, this game becomes almost impossible to play!

    Almost anything can become a drinking game if you apply a little thought, hit a triple word on scrabble – drink, give someone a draw four in Uno – drink. You get the idea. 

    Ring of Fire

    Another classic drinking game usually reserved for students pre-drinking. But why let them have all the fun! 

    Cards Against Humanity

    This wildly popular game  is perfect for an evening round the campfire with mates.

    UP Jenkins

    Everyone knows the common ones so why not do something a little more abstract on your next camper trip.

    For example Up Jenkins from The Office (US) is a great drinking game for camping. 

    Simply have two lines of players facing each other across the camping table and a coin. 

    Each team hides the coin in one of their hands, face down on the table.

    The opposition must guess, by way of elimination, which hand it is in. If you run out of hands you drink. Stupidly simple, stupidly fun. 

    F**K - The Game

    Ridiculously tricky – particularly if drinking is involved – but very fun!

    The name is as such because you’re almost guaranteed to curse when you get into this game as it appears so easy but is so tricky!

    Fast paced and a lot of fun!



    Bush Farm Wild Campsite

    So there you have it. 

    Our top camper games to play no matter the circumstances when you’re on the road.

    What are your go to games and puzzles – let us know in the comments below!

    Go Explore! With Camper Games!

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