Top Accessories for a Motorhome


The Very Best Motorhome Accessories

After learning the hard way which motorhome accessories are worthwhile and which are a waste of space we’ve rounded up over 50 of the top accessories for a motorhome

We’ve got motorhome accessories that you will actually use for everything. From accessories to tidy up your motorhome kitchen to our top rated camping accessories and cooking gadgets. 

For a full campervan essentials kit list check out this article complete with a free campervan packing tick sheet. 

So now that you’re all set with all of your essential campervan and motorhome kit packed and ready to go – lets get stuck into those extra special, or less known about campervan accessories. 


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    Again an absolute blessing when space saving, we use ours all the time. Great for washing up out doors when the weather is nice, and also a nifty extra storage box for when we’re on the move (although it quite often just contains our dirty breakfast bowls which we couldn’t be bothered to wash before setting off) – get yours here.

    Campervan Kitchen Accessories

    Every campervan needs a bunch of well of thought out kitchen accessories to maximise space efficiency, here’s our very best motorhome kitchen accessories, or for a full in dpeth look check out our article on Campervan Cooking: Over 35 Useful Campervan Kitchen Accessories

    An absolute gem if space saving is something you’re very keen on. We have this one and it works just great.

    Forget playing tetris with different sized condiment bottles, decant your favourites into a couple of these jars, find a permanent home and you’re away. 

    Motorhome Cooking Accessories

    Different to the motorhome kitchen accessories previously mentioned these are motorhome accessories that will make cooking an absolute breeze or a little bit of a different experience.

    We’ve heard rave reviews of ridge monkey so we’ve bought one during lockdown and will update as to our experience once we’ve properly used it. We have used it at home a few times and it does seem excellent on first impressions

    A brilliant bit of kit if you don’t have an oven on board. We love ours and Nachos are a firm favourite. Cooked outside, looking at the view, beer in hand! Check it out on Amazon here.

    Space saving again – we love it. Why fill up half a dozen cupboards with saucepans when they can all stack inside each other. This is what we use and they perform great as well. 

    So much better than faffing about with a 12v toaster, ours is brilliant and we’ll never go back to 12v toasters

    Accessories for Camping

    titisee beach


    It’s not all about your motorhome, you’ll also need some excellent camping accessories – here’s our pick of the bunch

    One of our favourite parts of a road trip is having a campfire. The BioLite FirePit+, whilst yes expensive, is worth it’s weight in gold. A further in depth review is contained within our campfire friendly campsites article.

    Find our full review for portable camping fire pits here

    Swing from the trees in absolute comfort – this is what we have here.

    Keep that dirt and sand at bay by utilising a tough rug when parked up for a couple of days.  This hard wearing picnic blanket can either peg in using the attached pegs or fill the corners with pebbles or sand. 


    Keep the flies away and add a little ambiance to your evenings. You have several options for citronella based on your personal preference: Citronella tea lights, smoke coils or incense

    Brit Stops

    This book is so good. You might think it’s outdated or unnecessary but have a gander at our full Brit Stops review and we think we might just change your mind.

    Coal Barbecue

    Either check out the BioLite Firepit+ or this fantastic Cobb Oven – Oven, Bbq and pizza oven all in one.

    Gas Barbecue

    All the rage at the moment the CampingGaz Party Grill has to be the king of camping barbecues – either plug into your motorhome gas supply if you have an external tap, or buy a small gas canister to go with it. 

    Motorhome Accessories

    What about accessories for your motorhome – here’s the top motorhome accessories to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

    traction mats and leveling chocks

    People like to go to war as to whether or not these work. But if like us you park on grassy or muddy park ups a lot then these will get you out of a few, ummm, sticky spots guaranteed. 

    Nobody likes to sleep wonky right? We have these and they pack away together into a block, are tough and durable and have a decent rise to them.

    Don’t forget your breakdown – so important!

    We have used RACs arrival scheme breakdown insurance for a number of years and never had an issue with this well priced motorhome breakdown cover. 

    Perhaps you won’t need that breakdown after all . Always keep a basic automobile toolkit on board to get you out of a jam. Useful for much beyond just vehicle maintenance we often dip in and out of our toolkit on the road for various reasons. 

    Your traction mats have failed you! Flag down your nearest farmer to give you a tow. In a big vehicle you need a weight rated tow rope so keeping one on board provides a nice peace of mind 

    Campervan Storage Accessories

    Packing a campervan is almost never simple – utilising that precious cupboard space is absolutely critical to get right – here’s some motorhome gadgets to help you to out

    Packing cubes are genius packing solutions to keep your wardrobes/cupboards nice and tidy. No more scrambling to find your pants when someones knocking the door!

    You never know when you might fall in a puddle or have an accident. These clothes lines can be used inside the van if the weathers rubbish or outside if its nice. Very useful.

    Traveling with a Dog - Must Have Accessories

    Road Trip Dog

    Traveling with a dog in your motorhome is definitely rewarding – check out these dog accessories to make the experience a breeze

    For more on traveling with your dog check out our full article on how to travel with your dog.

    A safety must for driving your motorhome with a dog on board, fasten to your Copenhagen harness to a seatbelt leash (next) for the ultimate protection for your canine companion.

    We use this doggy seat belt and just leave it plugged into the spare seatbelt fastener 24/7.

    Gone are the days of forgetting to empty the dogs waterbowl and arriving to a large puddle on the floor. Leave this bowl full and some sort of witchcraft prevents it spilling while your bumping along the B597.

    Perfect for containing a wet a dog and preventing muddy shakes all over your van or the pub your visiting. Equafleeces help to dry your dog fast and they double up as coats as well. Fast drying for the all round king of dog travel accessories. 

    Motorhome Living Accessories

    What about accessories for actually living in your motorhome and making the experience more comfortable, enjoyable and easier. This is our favourite items for motorhome living:

    Fantastic coffee

    I mean, no brainer right? Treat yourself for when you’re away. Subscribe and get £45 worth of coffee for just £24.95.

    Or click the image below to take advantage of our partnership with Coffee Craft for an additional 20% off on an ongoing basis. Making it only £19.96 – for £45 worth of coffee! 

    For those cold winter nights. Check out our full guide to winter packing lists here.

    Better than pyjamas for those chilly nights but just as comfy. Plus these long johns double up as a base layer for when you’re out exploring. It’s all about spacing saving!

    Do away with giant satellite dishes and power into the online world. Fire TV sticks are increasingly popular as a way to watch movies, live TV and binge watch your latest series on Prime Video(click the banner below)


    If all else fails you won’t be plunged into darkness – tea lights are a great backup options and nice to have anyway.

    For a super luxurious twist check out this crackling candle for a real treat. 

    Motorhome Electrical Accessories

    karcher window vac

    The best electrical gadgets for your motorhome – from useful gadgets to the best charging devices. 


    A great budget option is the Anker Soundcore, but if you’re after enough volume and quality to host your very own festival then you won’t go wrong with the impressive Sonos Move

    Head Torch, Lantern and Torch

    Try to avoid stepping in dog muck! Seriously useful for if you need to be hands free – walking a child to the loo, peeking under the van to see where that awful noise is coming from, pretending you’re a drone zooming about the field. All valid reasons for having a head torch.

    Use a camping lantern to cast a glow not a spot light for lighting up an entire area.

    Torch – Maglite is our go to brand; Tough, long lasting and dependable.

    Add a touch of battery powered ambiance and evening light. Save that leisure battery. 

    We use ours constantly. Condensation, shower floors, you name it, if it’s damp and ought not to be – the karcher will dry it up for you. 

    Battery Banks

    We always take a load of battery banks with us every time we go away.

    Ranging from tiny pocket sized devices, to medium sized banks for a little more juice all the way up to a 240v bank to keep the laptop going a little longer.

    Pro Tip: Every time you drive somewhere plug in all of your electrical devices: Phones, tablets, battery banks, smart watches etc. Use a multi usb charger to get everything charged for your next destination.

    More powerful and providing a stronger signal than a typical smart phone mobile wifi (sometimes referred to as mifi) is a wonderful option if you spend a lot of time in the middle of nowhere. This TP-Link device is a brilliant option. 

    Top Accessories for Exploring Away from your Motorhome

    SUP on Titisee

    Take a step away from your motorhome into the wilderness and you’re going to need a few more accessories to help you to explore. This is some of the coolest kit you’ll have in your campervan and will make your adventures so much more exciting.

    So much better for traipsing down to the beach with you, or as a general purpose towel if you have a smaller van. Bonus points in that sand does not stick to these towels by some sort of witchcraft which makes it so much more pleasant. 

    Document your adventures like a pro with the Go Pro Hero 8

    Want something to capture those epic sunsets or aerial shots of your van. A drone is just what you need. A great budget option is the offering from MinAbblie or for the supreme option check out the DJI Mini 2

    Packs down small enough to fit into most vans, these Sevylor kayaks are an absolute must if you’re into exploring by boat. Pays for itself after approx 6 hires.

    Same deal as a kayak but way more fun – we’ve just purchased this one and will report back as to if it is any good. 

    Want to whizz into town but not keen on cycling – These compact, foldable scooters are a super neat option and pack down into a great little compact shape. If you’ve space to store them then these a great way to explore.

    Must Have Motorhome Security Accessories

    motorhome security tips

    Finally you obviously want to ensure that your motorhome is as safe and secure as possible – our pick of the bunch is below.

    Alternatively check out our full article on keeping your motorhome safe

    Tough, visible and easy to store this is a really great option for securing your motorhome quickly and easily. A great deterrent as well. 

    Want your motorhome to scream at any would be thieves – check out this super loud alarm to fix to all possible entry points.

    A low cost recovery solution, whilst not foolproof there is a very good chance that if your motorhome is stolen it will tell you exactly where it has been taken to!

    Security isn’t all about theft prevention. Nearly all motorhomes carry gas on board and a carbon monoxide alarm (placed at floor level!) is an absolutely critical piece of motorhome kit that you need. 

    Best Motorhome Accessories Summary

    So there you have it – our roundup of the best motorhome accessories that are actually useful!

    What wouldn’t you leave home without – let us know in the comments!

    Now you’ve got all your gadgets sorted why not check out our 5 Epic UK Road Trips!

    Until next time, Go Explore!


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